Sunday, 22 September 2013

More from Lorne...

Just pretend that it's the 1980's. And that I'm your Aunt Velma. And that I've come to visit you. And I've brought all of my slides from my recent holiday in Lorne. You sit down politely to watch the slide show, because you know that after the slide show there will be cake. And you really want that cake.

So you sit, and watch, wondering what your friends are doing right now. You see an image of twigs with moss on them and you think, 'Oh my goodness, how can Aunt Velma possibly think this is interesting?' Then another image of a beach, a sign, a tree, a piece of hardened tree sap. You fidget and scratch an itch a bit too enthusiastically just to break the monotony. You feel like you are going to explode from boredom.

Then fast forward a few decades and now you're the one with the interest in pictures of twigs with moss. And you can have your very own slide show whenever you want because you have a blog. And you find it strange that you are compelled to share your stuff in such a forum, but you do it anyway. Because life is about sharing what makes you happy. And you might just make someone happy for a moment too.

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