Saturday, 29 December 2012


Quick, quick, over here.
OK, I’m coming.
I said, I’m coming.
Move your legs super fast like me, so they look blurred.
Like this?
Yeah, that’s it. It will really freak those people out.
Are they looking?
Yeah. Keep going. That kid said he wants to pat us.
Well that’s not going to happen.
Ha, ha, ha. That’s right. We’re Sandpipers

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Santa’s energy snack

This year at our house, this is what Santa will be eating. It’s all of our favourite foods. I’m sure he’ll share the apples with the reindeer, apparently he’s good that way.

Happy Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The great Christmas windows debacle, 2012

Dear Bourke Street mall,

Today was a bit silly really, wasn’t it? Did you have to be that noisy, chaotic and crowded?
You probably think it’s OK to have a queue 500 people deep to see the Myer Christmas windows, but I don’t think that’s cool. And maybe for future reference, buskers might need to be spaced a bit further apart than 3 metres. I can still hear the violinist, the drummer and the guitarist playing their separate tunes all at once bouncing around in my head.

I wanted to show my son the Christmas window display and he missed out. I’m not feeling very merry or Christmassy now.  My nerves are shot.

So here is a drawing of a little Christmas apple tree with a pretzel on top to calm us both down.



(Ahhh, I feel better now. It's time to get in the spirit and share some Christmas cheer. I was especially impressed with Abbey Hendrickson's Christmas tree on Aesthetic Outburst. Her little tree collection is also something so very sweet and calming to have a look at if you've got a touch of Christmas madness!)

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Hello Summer

Hello summer. You’re here. I forgot about your arrival. I was distracted with other things like the permafrost melting, sea levels rising and trying to find parking spots at the shops at Christmas time. Despite my worries, I’m ready for lazy days in hammocks and warm nights dreaming of palm trees and coconuts. I’ve made a start on the lemonade icy poles and soon I’ll be walking along beaches with impossibly white sand and turquoise waters. Thanks for the pineapples, and mangoes, ooh, and blueberries. Thank you especially for the blueberries…