Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Lost and found

One of the saddest sights in the world is watching someone put up posters of their lost pet. As I sat in my car waiting at the traffic lights yesterday, I watched as a man on a bicycle stopped at the intersection and stuck his lost dog poster up on a post. It looked like every other lost dog poster – printed out on A4 paper with the obligatory cute photo of poochie/turbo/fang. Only those cute photos are often so close up that you can’t quite tell what type of dog they are. Or the poor dog has red eye from the camera flash, so that your initial reaction is, ‘I hope I don’t run into that devil dog.’

I couldn’t help but feel the futility of the man’s little poster and as I glimpsed his face, he looked so forlorn and seemed to be on the verge of tears that my heart broke just a little bit.

Maybe he’ll find his dog. It happens. His lost poster may match up with someone’s found poster and he and his beloved dog will be reunited.

If only we could put up lost posters for other things we lose and have them returned to us - like friends, youth and the ability to backflip off a swing without breaking a limb.


  1. Hello! I've wanted to comment on every post I've seen so far but I haven't quite found the words for each. I adore your illustrations, poignant and beautifully observed...

    And this lost dog/friends/youth piece made me a little watery eyed (the though of losing a hound! Ugh.).

    Very happy to have found your blog x

  2. Thank you so very much for your encouraging words! Lovely to have you drop by. And I know, I know - the whole lost dog thing, it's just too awful to contemplate. But this piece was inspired by an actual real life lost and found that happened in our neighbourhood. 'Lost' flyers were put in local letterboxes and there was a 'found' poster put up in the local milk bar window. Eventually, the dog was returned safe and sound so it really happens!