Saturday, 29 December 2012


Quick, quick, over here.
OK, I’m coming.
I said, I’m coming.
Move your legs super fast like me, so they look blurred.
Like this?
Yeah, that’s it. It will really freak those people out.
Are they looking?
Yeah. Keep going. That kid said he wants to pat us.
Well that’s not going to happen.
Ha, ha, ha. That’s right. We’re Sandpipers


  1. Never really thought about what wildlife might be thinking. Love the quirky insight & the sweet illustration. I can smell the sea breeze as if I was there.

  2. Those sandpipers were really funny with their crazily fast legs. There was quite a strong wind that day - a sea 'blast' rather than a breeze. It was fresh, even with the sand whipping at my ankles! Thanks for your lovely comment.