Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The great Christmas windows debacle, 2012

Dear Bourke Street mall,

Today was a bit silly really, wasn’t it? Did you have to be that noisy, chaotic and crowded?
You probably think it’s OK to have a queue 500 people deep to see the Myer Christmas windows, but I don’t think that’s cool. And maybe for future reference, buskers might need to be spaced a bit further apart than 3 metres. I can still hear the violinist, the drummer and the guitarist playing their separate tunes all at once bouncing around in my head.

I wanted to show my son the Christmas window display and he missed out. I’m not feeling very merry or Christmassy now.  My nerves are shot.

So here is a drawing of a little Christmas apple tree with a pretzel on top to calm us both down.



(Ahhh, I feel better now. It's time to get in the spirit and share some Christmas cheer. I was especially impressed with Abbey Hendrickson's Christmas tree on Aesthetic Outburst. Her little tree collection is also something so very sweet and calming to have a look at if you've got a touch of Christmas madness!)

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