Sunday, 1 March 2015


I do this thing where I make something, intending to let it go and then I become quite attached. Then the idea of letting it go becomes difficult. Like this 'Tropical jug'. I created it on the wheel and hand painted the design. Now I love it too much!

But I can't keep everything I make. Unless I want to be featured in one of those terrible 'Hoarders from Hell' TV shows. I have to let things go. 

Maybe it's not always about the stuff? Maybe I need to let other things go. Like the fact that I simply do not have enough hours in the day to achieve what I want to do. Or that I really want to be a bright and cheerful person even when I've had only two hours sleep (having a night owl baby, well, that's a whole other story). But most of all, there are people that I miss who are no longer in my life and I have to let go of that attachment. 

All that from a jug? What a wise and sensible jug you really are. I think I'll keep you for a while.

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