Sunday, 18 January 2015

I have a voice

I can see why it's had such an impact. The film, 'The King's Speech' shows Bertie's struggle to overcome his stammer and inner conflicts to take the role of King of England. Lionel, his speech therapist helps him, not just to give speeches without being hampered by his stammer, but to feel that he has a right to speak.

'The King's Speech' reinforces that we all have a voice. As Lionel says to Bertie, we all 'have a right to be bloody well heard'. For those who have struggled to stand in their true power, to take the life that they want to lead, this film is not a gentle reminder, but rather, a grand push.

Bertie struggles to stand in the role of King which he feels so unworthy and unprepared for. We may not have an upcoming coronation to feel nervous about, but plenty of moments in life can feel as momentous and overwhelming, taking the courage to speak from us.

Speak your truth, because if you don't use your voice in the way you're meant to, your words will spill out regardless. Perhaps not in the way you planned. The words you've squashed down with your doubt and worry will instead drop from your mouth and fall to the ground with a thud in places where they are not intended - at work, or at pilates, or at your child's playgroup. Unspoken words will fill you and fill you up until you are so filled with chatter that you can't even think straight.

Be brave enough to risk rejection, embarrassment and defeat. Not everyone will like what you have to say, but it is your truth, your words and you have a right to be heard. Speak now.

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