Sunday, 16 March 2014

The great icy pole disaster of Saturday afternoon

Two 8 year old boys were walking along happily enjoying their icy poles, on a warm sunny afternoon. ‘Life is pretty good’ said the look on one boy’s face. ‘I am totally living in the moment and I don’t even have to try’ said the look on the other boy’s face. Side by side, the brothers delighted in a treat that made a good day even sweeter.

And then it happened.

Half of the red icy pole had broken off and fallen with a dull splat onto the footpath. The boy didn’t notice at first, and kept walking. But when he did notice, his face fell, and the contentment turned to sorrow. He stopped. Paused. Half turned and kept looking backwards and forwards from the remainder of his icy pole in his hand to the now melting mess on the warm ground.

He stepped to go back, to do what? Retrieve it? But no, he knew it was a lost cause and so accepting his fate, he continued walking and didn’t look back again.

Loss is a harsh lesson to learn, especially when it’s unexpected, on a perfect and sunny summer’s afternoon when you’re an 8 year old boy eating an icy pole.

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