Monday, 7 October 2013

Being gentle

Yes, we build up an armor. A shield against all that is painful and careless and cruel in the world. We think the armor protects us and makes us strong. But after a while, that armor can weigh us down and before we know it, we walk around with heavy bodies, ready for conflict and waiting to act.

True strength lies in the ability to take a deep breath and cast aside all of that armor and to be gentle with yourself, and the people around you. Ultimately, there are no clever tactics you need to get through life other than to be kind. We forget that sometimes.

People will hurt you, things will not go your way and there will be days when you feel so lost that even your closest friend cannot comfort you. But if you can lie in bed at night and in the darkness you can say to yourself that you have been gentle with yourself and with people’s hearts today, then that is a great achievement.

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