Saturday, 27 July 2013

Everything takes much longer than you think it will

A little sketch made a while ago during warmer weather at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne. It took longer than I thought it would when I sat down to do it. I was in such a jovial mood, sun was shining, the grass was warm to sit on and then I realised how much foliage I had committed to sketching. I'll be honest, my hand started cramping up and then I was bored. But I was stubborn and drew what I saw. Sometimes I'm lazy and stubborn at the same time when it come to drawing, especially when lying in the sweet smelling grass is such an attractive option.

Also congratulations to Vaughan. You have a print coming your way! Thanks to those of you who  left a comment to celebrate the opening of my etsy shop.


  1. ah Jen I can relate to this; so nice to draw but how often do we get to simply 'be' without doing anything? It reminded me of those absorbed moments of childhood, completely at peace watching insects or making daisy chains amidst the sunshine and tickly grass..... Sarah x

    1. Thanks Sarah, Glad it made you think of of those peaceful childhood moments. Thanks for your lovely comment.