Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Being earnest

You know what I’m talking about. We all do it. Sometimes we take ourselves a bit too seriously. We ponder, we dissect our thoughts, we consider an idea and its relevance to the existence of another, weightier idea or concept. We analyse, we cross reference, and debate. We step back, we measure, check and check again. Is it? Could it? Will it? We sit up bolt upright in the middle of the night, reach for our notepads and document. We engage in discussion over coffee, we wear black, we listen to music of tumultuous shades, we feel moved, inspired and nod in agreement, ‘Yes, yes, I know what you mean.’ And we mean it. Really, really mean it.

And then there are times when we jump over gates instead of opening them. When we lie on grass that’s slightly damp from yesterday’s rain and tease each other with silly jokes and laugh like school kids. Where the only thing to think about is whether to get fish and chips or sushi. To go for a walk or stay sitting under the tree. To kiss or to hold hands. Or both.

Education is important. Believing in your ideas is important. But whittling ideas down to the point that you are too paralysed to do anything because you’ve explored every possible angle is not good. That’s when being earnest can work against you and may feed doubt.

So take the pressure off yourself. Paint every finger nail a different colour. Put down that book of poems and read a trashy mag. Don’t worry, being earnest will be there when you want it but every once in a while it’s good to relax and give our earnest gland a rest.


  1. Absolutely :) And it is always good to be reminded.

  2. Glad you can relate! Thanks for your comment.