Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Not so permanent permafrost

Have you heard? About the permafrost melting? The UN has reported today that with the thawing of frozen soil in the arctic, we are all in deep, deep trouble. Environmentally speaking, that is.

Now I don’t know about you, but this just made me panic with a capital ‘P’. Apparently we’ll start to see the effects of significant global warming as early as 2100. What! 2100? This is worse than the time my grade 2 teacher explained that one day, billions of years from now, the sun is going to explode and then the human race is going to be wiped out. Forever.

I don’t want it to get any hotter than it already is. Tomorrow’s forecast has predicted 38 degrees. 38 degrees in November, in Melbourne is not usual. Or fun. Especially when there’s so much asphalt and bluestone around. I don’t want the sea levels to rise. I like the coastline just as it is, thank you very much. I don’t want our earth to choke in greenhouse gasses. I don’t want people to suffer.

I’ve gotta go and plant some trees now. Right now.


  1. hmmmm, looks like we'll have to do a lot more than bring our own shopping bags doesn't it? yes, planting trees is the way to go but i am just looking around me and wondering where? every inch of this city seems to be built up.

  2. Hi Priya, Thanks for your comment. Sometimes our little environmental efforts feel so futile in the face of overwhelming apparent doom! But I think there's hope for us all yet. When I drive around Melbourne, my eyes are always finding spots for more trees to be planted. We are lucky to have so much space here, but we could be using it much more effectively. I know in India it is a different story. And although I've never visited, I've heard that you don't know heat until you've been to India. How do you keep cool where you live?

  3. hi jenni, while building the new flyover nearby, trees got axed but the wonderful thing is, the city corporation has already planted new trees. that is so gratifying to see.
    i thankfully live in banglore (in the south of india) which everyone knows is the nicest indian city to live in especially for its climate. if one is a bangalorean one finds most other cities too hot or too cold. (i studied in brisbane for a while where i found the summers difficult to cope with). none of the other cities in india have this weather. i too wonder how the others keep cool.

  4. Great to hear about the new trees. Bangalore sounds wonderful. It certainly looks idyllic from your blog photos. Thanks also for mentioning me on your site. I am very flattered to have your interest!